Frequently Asked Questions

How are the cards made?

All of our cards are laser printed to get the perfect cut and are printed onto high quality Foamex material so that we ensure you get the best finish.

How is my image added to the design?

All images submitted with your order will be professionally cropped and placed onto your card design by one of our experienced design team. We will then send you a preview of your card so you are in full control if you would like any changes. A high quality picture with minimal background is recommended

Can I add my own club badge to the design?

At UFM, we want to give all of our customers as much control as possible when it comes to creating your cards. In order to do that, when it comes to adding your club badge on the card, you can upload the club badge when creating the card so that way any badge can be added.

Where can I apply my discount code?

The UFM team want to give the best value on the market for our products so you will see exclusive promo codes offered regularly. You will be able to enter in your discount code at checkout by clicking on the “add promo” option.

What if my order arrives damaged?

If for whatever reason your card arrives damaged, please contact us and one of our support team will be happy to help. You can do this by emailing and we will look right into the matter.